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So It's been on the thinking platter for a bit, but after a long enough time and how many questions I do get asked and poked about, I figured a public Patreon to catch me and the others at would be a good idea, more less have one more ease of access spot to post updates and the like (though more detailed postings will be located at the blog as always). Still, for those of you supporting me on patreon, you'll be given a role respective towards your donation, so there's that! Otherwise come by, say Hi, and feel free to ask me all of those quibbs and what not!



You can nab it from here for $8!

At last the translation project I helped Kicktyan with is on sale, so feel free to pick this up! This was a lot of fun to work on, and I do hope the translation ends up towards everyone's liking! For those who enjoy some good ol PokeSex'ing on model, this is a really good pick up! =3=

Beyond this little title post though, recall that I'll be streaming Friday and Saturday starting from now, so expect to see me working on stuff tomorrow!

So about that translation project


I've been allowed to talk about this more publicly, so I can go on ahead and share the fact that Kicktyan came up towards me and asked for me to work on translating some of his work, and this being at least the first one thus far! It's pretty rare to have an artist ask for something like this done, more less editing the work to better fit the English adaptation to boot! I'm already rather close to being done in turn, even while being as sick as a mule, so I SHOULD be able to stream freely this upcoming weekend and get back on track with my normal projects!

Still, AFAIK, the plan is that Kicktyan will sell this translation digitally when finished, so when that's up and about I'll pass the links as to where you can obtain it!


I guess long and short is: My flames burned out ages ago. Back when I was 13, with a church out in West L.A., I recall the pre-teen leader saying I had “A flame that lit everyone else up”. At that time I was very outgoing, very charismatic, very much a people person even if my peers at times resented me for connecting with adults a lot and wasn’t quite one to welcome their heckling.

…That was back in 2000. Back when my mother was still in a good spot pushing out her script to become a film, where while wer were living off of food stamps and Section 8 for rent, we could still go out and -do- things without a lot of stress. Back when I could scooter around from my home all the way to Santa Monica because I didn’t have 50 cents to ride the bus and be fine.

…Two years after that, the cchurch fell apart, my mother got into a deal that ccosted us everything and then some, we were fored to move towards Chicago as my Grandmother was the only person willing to support us in that time of need.

Living in Chicago was, and always has been terrible since. I got mugged a few times just half a block away from home just because I was an ‘easy target’ for everyone else. I couldn’t get back into the systems I had in Californa, meaning I couldn’t take Riddlin for my ADHD anymore, nor could I get check ups and the like given no medicade. I couldn’t dare leave the front door unless I knew I had busfair to get around.

If not for the internet becoming what it was around that time, I chances are would have been destroyed right there and then :’D But, I held on, I dug into the ryona groups to pervert all this stress in ways to become an outlet and to bare with the day-in-and-out struggles my mother and I was having with trying to adapt. She coudln’t score a job, so she eventuraly went back to script writing once Section 8 cleared us for the state move and we could get our own place.

I tried to go to college, to escape Chicago and to make something of my own. Sadly 2007 happened doing that time, and my co-signer at the time died in turn.

So…I was forced to drop out, with the school unwilling to give me my credits till I payed up what I owed, with Sallie Mae now over my back in turn. Even if I got a job, I wouldn’t have any money of my own. I still tried though, but dropping out of college with nothing to show is a worse action then dropping out of highschool. No one wanted to hire me, and online jobs that where just mindless clicking and posting tasks for a few cents per thing done where not listable job experances.

I’m been struggling since then just to live. To make -something- for myself, but 10 years ongoing and I’m still no better off then I already was. I still have to pretty much beg for cash, if I get anything, it’s ether a hand-me-down or a gift from someone else, never from my own pocket. On top of all of that, the help I should be getting, I can’t. Seeing someone for my mental issues is too expensive. Getting a check up is too expensive. I’ve got shattered teeth that no matter what I do are rotting away. I’ve got a libido that doesn’t have a 'down’ moment. My feet as well have started to develop some really odd sensations and numbness as well. Though I can’t do anything about it unless I was on the verge of death, and only then would a hospital be willing to toss me under debit harder then I was before.

…it is a wonder how I still stand. How I can still have anything akin towards a 'flame’ after all of this. My mother can’t get her veteran benefits because of how she got discharged to hide the fact that one of her higher up’s felt like 'using’ her and even with the changes to the ruling, she still hasn’t been able to budge on that. My brother is mentaly disabled to the point where someone will always have to watch and take care of him, and he’ll be 27 physically, but 13 mentally.

This is my life, this will chances are ccontinue to be my life, and with how the world’s going, it’ll only be worse. Food stamps are being cut back more and more, my brother’s disability check is our only real income to speak of and that’s starting to be cut back, Section 8′s cutting back…You can only cut at a thread for so long till there’s nothing left.


First, and I do need to put this out here, Thank you. Thank you everyone for the insane support these last few days. I don't think there's been a day since I made that post were someone hasn't given kind and encouraging words towards some degree or another. It's been almost mind blowing on how many of you have come out and let me know how you've felt about my projects.

So, because no matter what, we must move, starting next month, I will start asking for donations towards the Paypal to assist in this ordeal. Chicago housing tends to always ask between 3-6 months rent in advance as a down deposit, and then on top of that, there's all of the Credit Checks and the like that we'll need to cover ( and NOT get the money back ether... ). Last time, we got over $2000, and we just made it all things accounted for. This time...I fear due to the rising rent, we might need more.

But, on matters not so grim or bad, after JP Post was informed of the hiccup, and they yelled to USPS to stop dragging their feet, MO2's package at last arrived, and what i holds is pretty dang swell!

First up is the physical copy of Heroine Hunting that I assisted and helped worked on by translating it! This is chances are the ONLY physical copy of the game to be in the US!

Then he also sent a wide birth of food and snacks to enjoy! Just to run down a fair chunk of what's here: a TON of Miso Soup, an assortment of Yakisoba and Ramens, dried salmon, a LARGE amount of pickled seaweed ( and oh, is it PICKLED... ), a jelly made from yams, dried udon, some mints, and some gummi sushi kits.

And then the 'real' fun. Physical copy's of: Queens Blade Melona battle book, Ore no Fuyu 2013, The Magical Foxgirl Foxy Rena Combined Vol.1 ( Chapters 1-6 as a single book ), and Sanchu.

The total price for all of this, plus the shipping was rather expensive indeed, yet MO2 was UTTERLY kind enough to make sure I would get it no matter what, and I am BEYOND gleed to at last have all of this! =D


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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