Tyamet Chapter: Assault on Yakuza Mansion Demo

Project Croc

XP Demo

You WILL need RPG Maker XP RTP to play!

Here it is, the incomplete, highly buggy, and perfect showing why even a simple project was simi doomed under XP's system. A lot of what the game 'will' have is here thought, it was never ment to be this 'big' project as intended. Yet it ended up taking longer and longer as stuff started breaking at the edges yet again, much like codename. If you end up in a state of being bound up, but escape it, or go towards a new battle, for SOME REASON, even though I set stuff to reset that, it doesn't reset that at all. So expect to find yourself in situations you really should not be in. Battle balance is tweeked enough where you can win fights thought...if you make smart use of your elements. Try reading descriptions and looking at who's who. :P

Past that, I've already began a mad push to re-work all of this under VX Ace under a far better system. As for answering questions from the last blog:

>thats too bad. Hmm.. Can you just continue the other half in VX and finish the xp one like part 1 and part 2?

Was never made as a project to take very long to play as...est. playtime once fully done would be about...an hour or less? Not very long at all rather! So what you guys are getting is what it 'was', and soon will see what it'll 'become'.

Love your work
>Please do release what you have done for Tyamet, I would be happy to give notes inasmuch as they might assist even in a new format.

Well you are welcomed to do such if you wish! I'll admit thought that I kind already KNOW the bugs a plenty, and already tried to fix them under XP with no luck ( almost a month of trying to fix at that! ). So just take this as a holder till the real content gets done? ;3

>No Name
>Thanks for checking in with us. I can't begin to tell you how hyped I am to see this and how much I appreciate all your hard work for us. I hope you find a way to sort the bug out but even if you don't it'd be fun to be able to at least mess around in a bugged version than no version. That being said, do as you please! You are the one doing the work after all!

>Seriously still excited for this game. Can't wait to see the release of even a buggy version. :0

>i want to know whats the verdict for this game!? Because where Craving for it

Well here you go then~! Let me know how you guys think of the bugged versions content at least then? =D

...And sorry for the delays a plenty...Everyone can blame me and my utter addiction towards Dark Souls for that >w>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I...really do not have another excuse past that.

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Progress Update 13


Well ok, it's been a few, and I REALLY should give some information on just what all is going on. For starters, I've been rather side tracked since getting back from said vacation with a video game ( said video game being Dark Souls on steam. ). I'll admit, chances are not the BEST of me to let myself get said side-tracked, but I'm only human in this regard and I do have to say 'sorry' for it.

Past that, I'm hitting a similar glitch roadblock like I started to do with Codename: -Progressive- under Tyamet Chapter, and I think this is just a VERY good and clear sign that I should just ditch XP all together. For the most part with Tyamet chapter it's far less overflows thought, and more incorrect trigger handling on a loaded game. She's got lots of different 'states', and apparently with the background scripts I had to add to get a few selective battles to work, when you load a game, it all fucks up, and counts them all as 'on' when they had no reason to be. Oddest part is when I try to set them 'off' forcefully, they don't trigger off, and this is the worse vexing matter at that.

So what's the plan? I'm chances are going to release what WAS done in it's unfinished status shortly, and then just work on it all under VX Ace for my own sanity. I had hoped to just finish it under XP, and it be my last XP Project, but these issues aren't seeming to get fixed, and I'll admit I'm kinda done having to claw at XP to get anything done anymore.

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Progress Update 12

Oh, hey, I'm working on that thing again.working progress 36

For starters, Project: -Croc- now has a real name ( no, these current Project and Codename names are NOT final! But they assist in letting people know what's what. ), going under the title of Tyamet Chapter: Assault on Yakuza Mansion. From this point onward all entry's will use the new name, but all older entry's will still use Project: -Croc-.

Past that I'm going to try something new and answer everyone's questions here:

From GuyVett
>Stuff under the hood?
>I'm sure people who use RPG maker would like to hear more about it.
>Or is it sorta like the secret formula of coca cola?

Well it's a few things. Mostly damage calculation, a few tweaks to the TP/ES growth. HP values changed around. Event placement set up a little differently from last time as to not be obstructive in selective cases. Ect ect ect. It's the stuff I couldn't really give any meaningful bullet points as it's mostly cleanup work on my end.

From Toha
>The new version was good.According to its heavy.
>I just neproshel battle with balls (first screenshot). This battle is very difficult :)
>Maybe you need to create one this battle with balls easier?
>And probably battle with the worms should also be easier.
>A lot of worms in this battle.
>It is interesting to come up with drawers :) One box of balls in the monastery, the other can of worms (which cause fights).
>But once again, these must battle with the mini bosses you need to create one a little easier.
>But the balance of the game is very good.
>Thank you very much for this demo. I'm sure more will only get better.

I'll see what I can do! It's still a balancing act honestly of how easy, and just how hard I want to make the game. I've played it a few times from start to finish to test it over and over, looking at how hard it can be with JUST the Queen Q-Bee, and with the full team of 3. On one hand I want to ensure if you get left by yourself, that you feel like it's pretty hopeless. You should NEVER get stuck alone, period. Past that it's just ensuring that you, the player has options to the stuff I toss at you. 'QJ' is a VERY powerful function to just disable a foe outright. If a fight is too hard, use QJ to lock someone out of it for a bit and clean up everything else, C->R now hits twice, and as such has twice the chances per turn to 'trip' someone up. You have ways to disable your opponents, so make use of them! X3

From mnmega
>Uhh, could you tell me how to find the sprite battle images in it?

...Huh? What do you mean? Currently I'm releasing the game publicly wit the files all compressed. So outside of normal play, you shouldn't have access towards the sprites and images. ( unless of course you cheat, and then well I can't do anything about it :P )

From paul
>i would like to know are the gifs that you packed in with the new demo are going to become part of the game if that is the case i can not wait to see the other gifs to come out if the ones with the ballls are the good

>good game so far

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO~! See, those .gif's where a mistake, a VERY LARGE MISTAKE. They are from a Ryona MUGEN imageboard I visit from time to time. One of the guys there was UBER nice and did some Q-Bee stuff for my birthday. I STUPIDLY saved them in the same folder as the game, thinking RPG maker wouldn't compress that along with everything ELSE. Hahahahaha...Oh how stupid of me...>_<;;; Lets just say I'll chances are never see anything from that guy EVER again. The other .gif's are things mo2 are working on for a birthday image as well for me, and that, while themed off of the kuromaru idea from the game, isn't for the game DIRECTLY.

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Progress Update 5

Today, was like Christmas...or my Birthday. Or both. I'll do my best to break it all down as much as possible. working progress 16

This is chances are everyone's already seen. We have our battler's, ad able to give them images as need be. Even without a selective script, I could have fauxed this up. Then again, my newest friend, CP, today answered all of my issues in a single day.

working progress 17

As before I can switch them and move the gals about in team order, and the game will auto display them in the right spots. Nice, simple, no headaches at all.

working progress 18

But now comes the best part, changing images around the status effects. He just recently released this, both under my own request, and apparently his own personal need for his own project as well. So in lucking out, VX Ace now become the sole backbone of all future projects!

working progress 19

Including when his system is very easy to use at that! My normal way of changing status effects works just the same, but the background script to change images is no longer needed. Just a simple edit into each status' notetag, and that's it. In battle once inflicted, it'll change towards that image without any questions, hiccups, or flaws. If cured, it'll change towards the normal image just as fast. VASTLY improved from XP!

working progress 20

Not only that, but now via status effects, I can disable menu options on the fly, and even have such things 'stack' normally. Such as a buff you could cast, that gets stronger each time you use it.

working progress 21

More less a scanning feature without the need for it to be an attack!

working progress 22

More less a function for even monster transformations real time! To do something like this under XP requires a LOT of work around, but here it's just another state prefix.

To put it bluntly: Codename's about to become far more creative in content then first ever planned. =D

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On [Project: -Q-Bee-]

So today kinda marks an Unofficial start towards a new game project a bit out of the blue, but one I can't deny I've kinda WANTED, but pushing for it by my lonesome would have been too much self agenda to ever get greenlit by anyone I would be asking for help. Yesterday though it's like everything came together to solve that issue once and for all.


As I've posted in the central top entry, me and mo2 for a while now have been buddy buddy. Maybe not by first name, but he knew about me and my interest, and I followed him for matching on much of the same. We've chatted a few times, but never really at great length, at least, not till then. What started off as just a simple Twitter poke, would soon explode into what you see before here. A spite set of Q-Bee, and with a humble request "I wish to make a Q-Bee RPG with you".


Within hours, we where already building up a solid workframe, and pinning down the ideas and material that would get put into this project. mo2's Sprite style I think just does Q-Bee a TON of justice, and it's a MASSIVE honor for me to be able to work with someone like himself on a project devoted towards my main love. Yet we where hitting a small roadblock when we started talking about battle animations. Admittedly, mo2 is great with pixel artwork, but more large scale images is a bit out of his grasp...


...Thankfully, that's where another really good friend of mine over the years, S0lar1x, or as they are know today under S'Zira/S-nina, came towards the aid, within a days time or so, already cranking out high quality images by the plenty! What can I say outside of my sheer joy, that I pretty much get to make what might as well be my personal 'Dream Game'. Anyone who knows me, and I do mean ANYONE, knows how much of a hard o I have for Q-bee, so being able to sit down, craft, work on, and having willing artist make this come alive where words couldn't is just so heart melting. I am honestly quite pumped indeed.

So, I guess then this leads towards a very solid question: What about Project: -Croc- and Codename: -Progressive-? Nothing that hasn't already been stated. Project: -Croc- will be my main scripting commitment right now, including while art assists are being made for Project: -QB-. Codename: -Progressive- is on hold while I wait to see how CP update's his battle system, before making the move towards VX Ace in full.

So in closing:
New Game Announcement
Being worked on by both 2012111215252423b.gif mo2 and S'Zira/S-nina for artwork, and myself for scripting.
Will be starring Q-Bee
Get hyped?

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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