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Hello, this is going to be my blog to post updates on current game projects, and just chatter on things I find interesting ( or am allowed to bring towards public, where I can't elsewhere. ).

Current Projects:

[Egg Assault]


Status: 3.2 (Alpha release, Beta content)
Fetishes: Bondage, Petrification, Transformation, Corruption, Hypnosis
A 'Mini-game' that expanded into something of a full game over time. Pick a team of 3 and try to hold off the ever advancing waves till you lose...only to do it again with points to spend to better enhance your team!
The 3.0/3.2 OC Update
Guide towards the game

[Codename: -Progressive-]


Status: Restarting
Fetishes: Too many to ever list
Much of the current scripts and code used in such ended up highly buggy and unstable. Redoing from the ground up to not make the same mistakes.
Old Version 0.3a

[Tyamet Chapter: Assault on Yakuza Mansion]

Status: Restarting Alpha
Fetishes: Transformation, Petrification, Corruption, Hypnosis, Slime, Doll
A side project that was developed once 'Codename' was starting to show signs of issues all around. This game's being worked on to soon be released for everyone waiting on codename.
XP Demo
VX Ace Demo

[Project: -QB-]

working progress 32

Status: Alpha
Fetishes: Slime, Tentacles, Parasites, Infestation, Transformation, Body control, Corruption
Backing behind the talented partnership of mo2 and S'Zira/S-Nina providing the visuals, this project is pretty much my 'Dream Game' come true.
Demo Post

Links to other sites of interest:
mo2's pixel art blog
A guy who enjoys doing Ryona animated pixel artwork of fighting game gals. Mostly uses Ingrid, Felicia, Q-Bee, and Roomi, so give him a peek if interested! He also did work on 'Girl vs Girl'!

こげさん's website
Just a good pal in general. REALLY enjoy his artwork! He's got a few OC's he's made over the years, and tend to be a big fan of Gardevoir and Vespiquen.

Erotan's Website
Maker of 'Girl vs. Girl', and MUGEN's well known 'Minotaur'. Rather fun guy to chat around with, and I assist from time to time.

Heavy's Tumblr
A lead artist for 'Codename: -Progressive-'. He's come a long way in the year's I've known him and his styles really starting to show as well! I would suggest giving him a peek for sure!

Hentai games
Shinobu's Website
A new friend who came towards me! =D They have been working on a platformer for some time now, and would recommend giving them a look! =D


Banners for this site. Use Freely. (Thank you MO2 for the animated banner!)

Raptr Gamercard
Raptr logs if people EVER wish to see just what I've been up to last.

...and in case anyone want's to support these games getting made, I've set up a donation button for Paypal. Sadly Paypal WILL zap anything less then $2 bucks in full thanks to their new fees for such, but anything past that only loses $2 bucks with a VERY tiny % on top of it ( in contrast, an $100 donation became $94 bucks [$2+$4 from %] ).

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

Project -QB- Redux: Day 1

Well, today starts the first of what I hope is a full telling of how I am going about redoing Project: -QB- both to be useful for others who are trying to make such games and the like to see what I'm doing and going about it, more less to keep people breasted at how fast I work and progress on these things, and the head aces and struggles that will ( more then likely ) happen along the way.

So first and formost: Why?
The answer is pretty easy in that. Back when I started the project, it was mostly a proof of concept situation. I didn't take steps to keep things organized nor clean in any fashion, and it shows utterly.
The maps where a mess, the common events where a mess, the triggers, everything was all over without any real good way to keep track of everything. This in and of itself is some pretty hard knocks on my own self, but this wouldn't be such a matter if not for the big issue at hand: Updating older features to work better started breaking everything else. I had learned a lot from working on Egg Assault, and I wanted to bring a lot of those updates and improvements over here to better my workflow, but alas due towards just how disorganized it really was at the end of the day, I've had to drop that build and start anew.

So, what goes into starting one of my game projects then from scratch?
The first tibit is the scripts, as without those, I've got nothing. Of course, the scrips I use....
...Come from the one and only CP, or Neon Black. As anyone who's followed me the last year or two would know, CP's stuff allows me to do everything that I do. From the battle system that changes images based off of status effects, towards the ability to 'stack' said status effects in turn towards worse and worse levels, CP's content has given my games the backbone to work off of time and time again. Out of all of them, I've only done a fix and edit towards one of them, the Custom Battle, in where it had a serous game crashing bug and error, and it took me well over a year to trace down the exact issue and learn how to patch it up for good. Ever since that fix though, these have been my go-to, and there's not been anything else on the market that gives me the type of control nor options I need for my products. CP might have gone off towards greener pastures, but I still carry and respect the work he's done, and am ever grateful for it.

So today was mostly about shifting over all the scripts I'll need to use into a new project, more less art assists and the like. In the last iteration of Project: -QB-, I used RPG Maker's default AI scripting. This is just it rolling a dice and seeing what attack goes off on whom, with me able to fiddle around with it ever so much via Varables or Switches, or if it's HP is in Selective ranges, but nothing else. Overall it's rather limited in function, and disallows a mot of creative ideas, or preventing attacks going off on targets it should not ( like targets that JUST recovered from status effects, so you don't get 'stun locked' ). Egg Assault was the first take on using CP's AI script, passed down by one of the more helpful assistance's a while back when trying to better my games, and as anyone who plays it shows, the AI is a lot more smarter and can really focus down a player in key situations if you don't disallow them to. That's because such AI lets me control whom it can and can't target based off a number of different pointers, being health, status, or even if they are being attacked! That kind of greater control lets me make far more smarter foes that try to set up onto the player, and it'll be on the player to ether try to counter that strategy...or let it go off...;3

As an example of how the AI works, here's a snapshot from the Resin bot:
Skill_Use_AI: 159
Required_Switch: 98, OFF
Remove_If: t.state?(16)

Skill_Use_AI: 161
Required_State: 16
Select_If: t.state?(26)

Skill_Use_AI: 160
Required_State: 16
Select_If: t.state?(303)

Skill_Use_AI: 160
Required_State: 16
Select_If: t.state?(306)

Skill_Use_AI: 160
Required_State: 16
Remove_If: t.state?(19)
Remove_If: t.state?(22)
Remove_If: t.state?(31)
Remove_If: t.state?(26)
Remove_If: t.state?(20)
Remove_If: t.state?(21)
Remove_If: t.state?(25)
Remove_If: t.state?(23)
Remove_If: t.state?(24)
Remove_If: t.state?(30)
Select_If: (t.hp_rate * 100) <= 25

Skill_Use_AI: 160
Required_State: 16
Remove_If: t.state?(19)
Remove_If: t.state?(22)
Remove_If: t.state?(31)
Remove_If: t.state?(26)
Remove_If: t.state?(20)
Remove_If: t.state?(21)
Remove_If: t.state?(25)
Remove_If: t.state?(23)
Remove_If: t.state?(24)
Remove_If: t.state?(30)
Remove_If: t.state?(252)
Select_If: (t.hp_rate * 100) <= 50

Skill_Use_AI: 126
Remove_If: t.state?(6)
Remove_If: t.state?(19)
Remove_If: t.state?(25)
Remove_If: t.state?(26)
Remove_If: t.state?(20)
Remove_If: t.state?(21)
Remove_If: t.state?(303)
Remove_If: t.state?(306)

Skill_Use_AI: 1
Remove_If: t.state?(19)
Remove_If: t.state?(25)
Remove_If: t.state?(26)
Remove_If: t.state?(20)
Remove_If: t.state?(21)

Skill_Use_AI: 7

...that's a lot of text huh? But you can chances are make out a few key factors of it if your savvy enough, even without knowing exactly what all each number is referring towards. For example, there's 4 different listings for the Skill #160, one of them can only work if the targets 25% HP or less, another is 50% HP or less ( but notice it has one more status effect the previous one did not as 'do not target' ), and then the last two only list it being able to work if a target has a single status effect. These refer towards the Resin drone able to coat someone in resin, and as you can guess, pans out from "At 25% HP as long as not under another status, 50% as long as not under Aiges Shard ( and any previously listed status ), and at any point and time a target is under Hypno/Hypno (Droned)". The order is also important to note, as the script reads from the top down, so whatever becomes the first 'valid' attack, it will always do before anything else under the list. Controlling that though is with creative use of limits ( don't attack if person doesn't have status/is under status ) more less if the foe can even legit use the attack ( not enough MP/TP usable to use the attack ) at the time.

Well, that's a good place to stop for now. If you guys want to have me explain other points in detail, or want to see selective parts being worked on, do chime in and let me know! Questions and the like are also welcomed!

How to Play: Egg Assault

I've noticed that perhaps I haven't been that clear on how Egg Assault in general works, so here's a mock up guide on getting started and how to play the game:


For starters Egg Assault's gameplay is rather basic in it's execution, given there's no city's to explore, or side quests to complete. Instead the player is challenged with a gauntlet of a never ending wave after wave of foes, forced to survive and hold them back till ( eventual and unavoidable ) defeat. Losing is a key aspect of Egg Assault, you are expected to lose, chances are more then once or twice....or 10...Depending on! But then again losing is also advantageous as well. You'll gain points based off of the waves you clear, and how deep each wave was. The deeper in the waves you go, the far greater points you'll earn for each victory, and in turn make future runs THAT much more easier to get even farther, almost snowballing in a way!


Still, you can't do a run without a team, and you need to set that up before going anywhere. To pick your team members is rather easy, as from it's menu you can get a nice listing of who's all usable, and a general look over at their stat layout. Something to take note of though is just under the name is a listing of three terms that are very important towards team building.

The first one relates towards a 'style', there being three in all, and each one limits the type of equipment that character can use.
Program refers towards those who are robotic or are constructs who use secondary add-on's onto their self to increase their performance in some way. Program equipment tends to be things like nanites, or devices installed onto the body.
Tools refers towards those who use something as a primary towards their own strengths. Guns, Traps, and anything that isn't directly the user's powers or body are counted under Tools.
Yet it be an unknown inner power, or directly spell casting, those under Magic have some kind of special power that isn't man made, nor constricted in any physical fashion. Spells, and some magical embedded equipment are under Magic.

The next is telling of a player's 'Type', and this effects how skills can be used on them, more less in a ( few ) cases how damage is dealt towards them.
Humans, Humanoids, and anything that has Flesh and Blood is an Organic. They make up the larger end of the cast, and are the easiest to be healed, but also fall under special status effects just as easy. They also can be converted by Q-Bee into Bee Drones.
(Will later be renamed into Inorganic) Anything not Organic falls under here. Machine, Metal, or otherwise, these things run on far different rules then Organics, and as such things that would effect them have no effect on these. In turn though, Robotics have their own tools and healing options that only they can make use of. Robotics tend to suffer extra damage from Electric based attacks, but they are more resistant towards special status effects.

Last, there is the 'Class' that denotes a characters normal playing style. An easy way to advance would be having one of each class on a team, making sure they cover for each others weakness.
A bulky, hard to take down class, they have strong survivability, with rather high health and damage mitigation, ether for their self, or secondary towards their team mates.
The 'Damage Dealer' of any team, focusing on giving out those high numbers ether to single targets or groups. They can easily turn the tide of any fight towards their advantage, as long as they are able to be protected. Many Burst fighters suffer from ether low health, or low defenses, making them 'Glass Cannons' that if not cared for will lead towards the failure of a run.
People under support tend to offer things less directly towards the team then a Tank or Burst does, but they can quickly shine when used right. Some have disables and stuns, others have heals and passive effects for the team, even others can apply damage over time (DoT) effects towards the foes to let the turn count finish them off!

You'll need to pick a team of 3 ( no more, and no less ) before you can advance.


The next step would be once you have a team, to equip them for the road ahead, ether empowering their strengths, covering their weaknesses, or giving them more utility via new skills and attacks. The shop is where you can go for that, and your set amount of points for any run to spend is based off of the total amount earned within your entire playing career (as long as you remember to save!). You might notice that each equipment has brackets in it's description, and an icon for it as well. The first half of a bracket tells you exactly what it does when attached, while the second half tells you what Style is able to use it. The icon each equipment has matches up with this, as Magic, Program, and Tools, each has their own icon, more less one more to symbolize for 'All', or equipment that anyone can use regardless of Style.

Also, don't worry about 'saving' your points for another run, you always get fully refunded all of your previous, and new fund earnings back after each run, meaning you only get to buy more and more the farther and farther you get before coming back.


With a team set up, and equipment gathered, you'll need to make sure to actually EQUIP it towards your team before moving on! From the Menu option, you then can do such, able to check up on the skills everyone's got access towards to better familiarize yourself with them, attaching the gear you just bought to give them those bonuses, check up on their stats, change the order of your team (who's first, second, or third in battle display), and allows you to make a save of your game to continue at a later point and time.

It is HIGHLY recommended to make a save BEFORE selecting a team or buying equipment, as when you load a save with a selected team, you can not use the 'Buy Ahead' option, nor access the menu to edit equipment, and will be thrust into combat with little warning. This might be adjusted in later builds.

Now with a save to come back towards, if you've been able to clear checkpoints, and have enough left over points, you can use the 'Buy Ahead' feature to return towards one of your last reach points and try to advance from there, otherwise you can choose to start, and start holding back the waves as best as you can!


I hope this guide helps you out!

Egg Assault 3.2 (Alpha )


Nab it here

It's been a small bit, and already we've done some 'cleaning up' as it where! The game's been updated once more with a small facelift and bug support galore!

-When selecting your characters, you now can see what style they are, and their stats compared towards others! We hope this will make setting up teams more easier to understand!

-The boss should now CORRECTLY appear at stage 15! We're sorry for this issue before hand, and hope you'll enjoy the fight! ( remember that the images for this boss fight are stand in sprites, and it's final form will be added in a later update )

-I've hopfully fixed the resin glitch many reported on. If not, please give me very clear and exact details on what's going on so I can pinpoint the flaw.

-Fixed the hypno text bug being played while at Hypno 3, but saying Hypno 1 lines. ATM there are no lines at this stage as request.

-There was an item glitch once, it's gone now...

Egg Assault 3.0(alpah) -The OC Update-


Nab it here.
The High Res Files. Please note you'll need to earn the password to uncompress them.

JUST in time for the holidays ( I do not wish to describe the crunch I was under getting this done ) comes out our latest working build of the game! Brought in thanks towards a supportive group of side artist willing to work with me, this Update rings in the largest content boost yet! There's been QUITE a few add on's here and there, so do take your time and breath it all in!

- 3 MORE Playable cast to make use of, making the grand total 9 in all! Enjoy the theiving Zetta or the Monk-lite Roxi ( a return for TG as well by popular request! ) both drawn by Latexity. Or perhaps the every spunky and go-lucky dragoness D.D. drawn by Haiku Oezu. Chaos Croc has also updated all of Croc and Crisis images for better detail!

-3 New foes to give you a headace! The hard as nails supportive masks ( that seem oddly familiar...), a massive plant that spews out gases and covers for team mates ( that is ALSO rather familiar... ) and a sudden knock off of Tails-Ko, the Tails-KO BOT's! ( that is DIRECTLY familiar! )

-The first Boss has arrived! Can you reach it and take it down before it's gimmick puts an end towards you?

-New status effect: Hypnosis. The first wack doesn't do much...but the second one is going to make you rather weak kneed, and the third one leaves you open to be bound regardless of HP! You can cure all stages of this with the Assist commands!

-More items to make use of have been added! Feel like 50% HP is just too early to be nabbed? Maybe you'll like an item that passivly recovers you more MP or TP per turn? Check out the store for all the new items ( and many that where rebalanced )

-New options have been added! View the endings without having to lose! More less 'Buy Ahead' and skip the easy stuff that's only going to wear you down ( or go directly towards the boss...! ). Later on you'll be able to unlock a 'Free Mode' that lets you fight a set of any foe you've unlocked, more less get a small bio about each one!

-Not everyone has a Hypnosis image ATM. For those that do not ( Q-Bee, Makoto, Shantae, Tails-Ko ) they are currently using repeated stand in sprites. This will be updated in the future.
-The Boss images are using stand in images, and will be updated in the future. The Boss TF will also be expanded on in the future.
-Please select a team before using the 'Buy Ahead' option.

Once you've given it a go, please do vote on if you found this update fruitful or not!

A Message From Chaos Croc

As requested from the man himself, I am posting this here on his request. Anything here on is Chaos Croc's writing.


Hey guys, ChaosCroc here.

So, I've read a few of the comments around here, and I feel like I should give a little explaination on my side of things with Lip's games, the status of some of them, and my thoughts. Mind you, this might get a wee bit lengthy, so apologies for the lack of a TL;DR section.

This was the first project with Lip I sat down and worked on. Not the first RPG Maker game I helped with, but the first with him. And I wanted to make a Tyamet level that revolved around an odd concept: living latex suits. Seemed kinda random, but also fun.

Now, what happened with that? Well, quite a bit, but the important thing was that C:P hit a roadblock programming-wise with Lip. Not to mention, I was still VERY new at the whole thing, and didn't realize the amount of work involved.

So where does it sit now? Honestly...ask Lip. XD I know that the art on it is years old now, and will probably have to all be redone from scratch. Plus, as far as my end goes, I wanted to do too much in too little of a section. So it'll need to be streamlined.

Alright, so THIS is the one. With C:P, I had to follow a slight script with Lip. But this game was all me as far as plots and content. A trek through a trap-riddled mansion, in search of a mystical artifact that will aid Tyamet in her quest against Shalia and the evil firebird race. I had also planned for this game to be a kinky jumpstart into a comic series about this, called Titan Chapter.

What happened? more my fault. Not only do I tend to procrastinate a lot, but life tends to get very busy for me. So I rarely found time to sit down and work on my own personal things, much less Tyamet Chapter. Plus, again, I tried to fit WAY too much into it all at once. It's a bad habit of mine that I'm trying to curb.

Will it be continuing? Yes. But I'd like to redo the art in it, and streamline the story for it. Take out a few things, add new things, that kind of stuff. So yes, it will be worked on soon. I'll possibly see about having enough art for it done by the end of the year, but we'll see where that goes.

Oh boy, THIS thing. Okay, so between Project QB and Tyamet Chapter, I had this idea for a simple little battle game. Croc, Crisis, and Tails-Ko vs an army of Eggman's conversion machines. Something simple, quick, and kinky. It....quickly evolved into something NOT so quick, as we started getting ideas for new things to throw in there. That's when we decided to make it a game where new content was added over the course of the time.

Now, where are we with it? Actually, at a good place! We've got a few other artists interested in adding to it, which means the entire work load isn't all on my shoulders. Which is SUCH a relief. I plan on introducing new things as well (robotization, boss fights, slimy things), and making it a bit more fun.

Now, I know waiting for these updates and games suck. I also know that it's easy to pin the blame on Lip. But honestly, it's not all his fault. I don't get money for the things I do on this games, so commissions and RL jobs take priority over everything else. Is that a valid excuse? Probably not, but it's the truth.

Rest assured, I want to play these games just as badly as all of you. And given time, they will be put out there.

And since I don't want to leave you all with nothing but words, have a statued Empress Shalia with a gloating panda guard. Because I love you. >=3



Admittedly, I was a bit slow on uploading this, but with that out of the way...


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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