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Hello, this is going to be my blog to post updates on current game projects, and just chatter on things I find interesting ( or am allowed to bring towards public, where I can't elsewhere. ).

Current Projects:

[Egg Assault]


Status: 3.2 (Alpha release, Beta content)
Fetishes: Bondage, Petrification, Transformation, Corruption, Hypnosis
A 'Mini-game' that expanded into something of a full game over time. Pick a team of 3 and try to hold off the ever advancing waves till you lose...only to do it again with points to spend to better enhance your team!
The 3.0/3.2 OC Update
Guide towards the game

[Codename: -Progressive-]


Status: Restarting
Fetishes: Too many to ever list
Much of the current scripts and code used in such ended up highly buggy and unstable. Redoing from the ground up to not make the same mistakes.
Old Version 0.3a

[Tyamet Chapter: Assault on Yakuza Mansion]

Status: Restarting Alpha
Fetishes: Transformation, Petrification, Corruption, Hypnosis, Slime, Doll
A side project that was developed once 'Codename' was starting to show signs of issues all around. This game's being worked on to soon be released for everyone waiting on codename.

[Project: -QB-]

working progress 32

Status: Alpha
Fetishes: Slime, Tentacles, Parasites, Infestation, Transformation, Body control, Corruption
Backing behind the talented partnership of mo2 and S'Zira/S-Nina providing the visuals, this project is pretty much my 'Dream Game' come true.
Demo link

Links to other sites of interest:
mo2's pixel art blog
A guy who enjoys doing Ryona animated pixel artwork of fighting game gals. Mostly uses Ingrid, Felicia, Q-Bee, and Roomi, so give him a peek if interested! He also did work on 'Girl vs Girl'!

こげさん's website
Just a good pal in general. REALLY enjoy his artwork! He's got a few OC's he's made over the years, and tend to be a big fan of Gardevoir and Vespiquen.

Erotan's Website
Maker of 'Girl vs. Girl', and MUGEN's well known 'Minotaur'. Rather fun guy to chat around with, and I assist from time to time.

Heavy's Tumblr
A lead artist for 'Codename: -Progressive-'. He's come a long way in the year's I've known him and his styles really starting to show as well! I would suggest giving him a peek for sure!

Hentai games
Shinobu's Website
A new friend who came towards me! =D They have been working on a platformer for some time now, and would recommend giving them a look! =D


Banners for this site. Use Freely. (Thank you MO2 for the animated banner!)

Raptr Gamercard
Raptr logs if people EVER wish to see just what I've been up to last.

Current streaming status. You can watch me work live here:

...and in case anyone want's to support these games getting made, I've set up a donation button for Paypal. Sadly Paypal WILL zap anything less then $2 bucks in full thanks to their new fees for such, but anything past that only loses $2 bucks with a VERY tiny % on top of it ( in contrast, an $100 donation became $94 bucks [$2+$4 from %] ).

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

Project -QB- (Re)Release v1 The Kuro Hive


You can download it here

It's been a while upcoming, including after a few harsh set backs. Though with the support of the last few streams, progress was made to a point where I could release the first live product publicly for all to enjoy and give input on! Take note of the new central HUB! Witness drones being added mid battle to replace converted or KO'ed ones! Try your fate at the newest foe the 'Mimic wall' and survive the Kuro hive if you can!

Streaming reminder!


I'll be streaming today around 11AM Central (GMT-6) today! The idea is for me to go at -least- 3 hours, if not perhaps more like 6 like last time! So Come on in and watch me work! If you have a pitcarto account and follow me, you can get an e-mail when I start!

Streaming? Streaming.

Today was a pretty good day for trying this out, and the responses I got where positive as well! The few who snuck in and noticed me doing such, glad that I could have you for the little ordeal, more less see if such a system would even be entertaining for viewership! So what I'm going to do is start streaming progress from now on, I want to say at -least- once or twice a week, though ATM hours and what not are still very much up in the air. The plan for now though is tomorrow, starting around 11AM Central Time, I'll start a stream that I hope I can keep going for at least 2 hours, if not longer still, to see who all would arrive for such and what not, and then aim for another this Saturday around the same time, unless people offer suggestions for better dates and times that would fit their schedules. I'll not be using mic doing all of this, instead typing so I can explain the process of work going on, answering questions as they come up, and to interact with the chat in a more 'direct' format. if nothing else I hope to see you all then!

August 1st Update

Well, I had planned to update people on how things where going sooner, but sadly Comcast kind tossed a hissy fit that we where too much overdo for too long, and shut us off till we paid it down. So while a few days later then desired, all the more reason to go forward.

So first and foremost is the regards of money this month. It was a little more tighter then expected, but the artist who got paid is at least welcomed for the current allotment, and the rest went to covering Comcast for now to ensure my net's still up and running. Thanks to that, the food budget didn't really suffer much, if at all, ensuring we're rather stocked up this month then we have been in the last 3-4 months or so!

I had taken the internet downtime to prod a bit more at RPG Maker's more baseline scripting as well when I noticed a few things in it's formula's that where not documented in any resources I had at the time. Once the net was back and I could double check some stuff, I've at last found a very selective puzzle piece that had always been then, but I never knew about that solves SO many issues before hand.

To go into greater detail, up till now when a someone declares an attack ( towards any target but itself ), there's been no way to have that attack give the attacking subject a status effect that I could use as an anchor point going "OK, this person just attacked, so I can use a common event to track who attacked, and who got attacked, and do things based off of the results". Though today I am the proud learner about "a.addState()", a rather undocumented command that allows you to literally give an ID'd status effect onto the attacker, as they attack. This changes so much, and it'll be seeing a lot of use already as it allows me to:

-Update Makoto=Nanaya in Egg Assault to now gain stacks as she attacks. No more -needing- to charge up for them! ( But she'll still keep her overdrive for obvious reasons! )

-In turn make the Resin bots more 'direct' as they no longer have to have one of them 'set up' before moving into the attack. Though I might keep this logic for balance reasons if people think otherwise...

-Able to do something very cool with a new foe in Project QB that I was mentally struggling on how to do with this limitation. (You'll all see soon enough!)

There's some other stuff as well, but this really does streamline the workflow for something so utterly simple and part of the baseline options that...isn't honestly explained in any of the help documents or talked about much between people elsewhere. So on one hand I feel stupid that this powerful commands been here this entire time and I've never known about it, but on the other hand not as much as apparently not many other people know about it as well :'D

Beyond that, work on Project: -QB- has started in earnest once more. As I type this out, it's just a little before catching mo2 so we can finish up another image set for the Queen Q-Bee to have done for another foe ( this time the worms, making her up to date with everything outside of the tentacles! ), while I've been sitting down re-implementing the 'conversion' common event ( This one is what's used to change your drones into foes mid battle, ensuring it's using the right image based off of nude or clothed before conversion, and that it doesn't try converting a battler slot already in use ). I'll be working at this piece meal though, impermenting foes from the easiest to work on ( The Latex ) towards the hardest/most complex ( The Worms, and the 'New' foe are kinda tied ). I did have a ponder if I should perhaps do some streaming of me working on this, bt I've always questioned if watching me click a bunch of menus, and type in a bunch of junk would be 'entertaining' enough, and I've never found my voice to be that enduring ether, but maybe you guys can chime in and let me know? I've been carting strong off of your guidance and support this far, I'd think I'd take your suggestions then hearing out my own mental thoughts a lot more in earnest.

Internet is down

Pretty much the nets dead. We've been trying to pay down Comcast for a while now, but that Bill at a st came towards a head. So we're offline for a while. At least till Tuesday in earnest. Sadly can't give any updates till then.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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